About Us


Our Mission

To manufacture quality garments at competitive prices and to export it all over the globe and to create confidence and satisfaction in the international arena for Esquire Garments

Our Vision

Is to be respected and loved by our clients and work-force alike, recognized as a manufacturer of high-quality clothing, and to become the over-all leading garment factory in the region.

Our Values

Team work, initiative, focus in a discriminatory free environment where ethical treatment and equal opportunity are the foundation of our infrastructure. Fairness and trust in a familial setting is valued and protected.

Our Products

  • T-Shirt (Men’s, Women’s and Children)
  • Polo Shirt (Men’s, Women’s and Children)
  • Sweat Shirt (Men’s, Women’s and Children)
  • Shorts (Men’s, Women’s and Children)
  • Hood and Boxer (Men’s, Women’s and Children)

Production Capacity

  • Basic T shirt   150000  Pieces/Month
  • Fashion     135000  Pieces/Month
  • High Fashion  120000  Pieces/Month

Garment Division Machineries

Cutting Section

  • Cloth Cutting Machine     Japan     03
  • Cutting Tables (20X7Ft)   Local      05

Sample Section

  • Sewing Machines     Japan     05
  • Employee                  Local       07
  • Iron                            Local       01
  • Cutting Table            Local       01
  • Inspection Table       Local       01

Sewing Section

  • Lock Stitch Machine  Japan     56
  • Over Lock       Taiwan   66
  • Flat Lock       Taiwan   21
  • Bartake         Taiwan   04
  • KaJ            Taiwan   02
  • Snap Button       Taiwan   02
  • Back Tape Cutter     Japan   02
  • Waist Banding       Japan   01
  • Feedo/Joki        Japan    01

Finishing Section

  • Steam Iron          Local   09
  • Power Iron          Japan  08
  • Steam Boiler (100 Kg)      Local   02
  • Spot Removing Machine    Local   05
  • Final Packing Tables (8x4 Ft)   Local   25
  • Washing Machine       Local    02
  • Squeezer           Local     01
  • Blowers             Taiwan  02
  • Tumble              Taiwan   01

Our Products

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Our Departments


ANH Merchandising department is led by a heavily experienced merchandising manager who has profound knowledge in procurement, product development, material sourcing, consumption, costing, booking, pattern and all other necessary technical knowledge. The merchandisers deal with every individual orders independently in all aspects of logistic & technical requirements. They strictly follow the Time & Action plan set by merchandising manager. Knitting & Dying department is extensively related to this department on terms of fabric development, knitting-dying production, fabric, color, shade, construction and so on. Their activities are not limited to consumption, costing, booking & sampling only but also they are actively involved in production floors as well.


We have strong quality experts team, they are maintaining 4 steps of quality level like first team beginning from yarn, knitting to the good quality fabric, second team maintaining proper way of cutting, third team maintaining stitching quality level & fourth team maintaining finishing up to the shipment. The whole processes are maintained by a quality Manager. He closely monitors each stage of the manufacturing process from fabric selection to designing, cutting, stitching etc., keeping in mind the style and comfort of the wearer. Various quality parameters like shrinkage of the fabric, color fastness, light fastness and other specifications are checked so that our clients get only the best.


We have strong and heavily experienced sampling team expert to get every pattern, style and design on first attempt, also they are familiar the production culture, issues and procedures and develop samples accordingly, even after final sample approval, our sampling department play a vital and technical department roll to advise to production department if they required any assistance at any stage, we have large no of sampling team with well maintained machines and equipments, so they can produce large number of samples in a day according to customer quality, designs and pattern requirements.


We are also aware of our workers and employees whom we consider as the heart of our business. In this regard, we have established a Human Resources Department which works as a moderator between the governing body and workers. This department is responsible for the recruitment of workers, their data, salaries, bonus, promotion, leave, medical and other facilities. They continuously look after the production floor to ensure a harmless and congenial atmosphere for the workers. They are also liable for the worker’s and factory’s safety measurements. For this reason, they arrange different training programs, fire-drillings, checking the safety equipments on regular basis.


Work Study plays a vital role for the company’s growth & development in this competitive business world. Realizing the importance of work study, we have recruited some work study officers who calculate the overall production capacity, train-up the workers to be more skilled, examine the worker’s performance and efficiency.


A sound health is the first condition to have the best performance. Therefore, we always keep the production area very neat & clean. We provide pure drinking water for the workers. And for any unexpected situation or accident we have made an emergency volunteer team who will control the situation. We have the arrangement of first-aid box in every floor for initial treatment.


Integrating systems and work method we successfully cover the entire process of implementing garment design to final Packing. The cutting area (3,000 Sq Feets) is capable of handling tubular and open end fabrics, Professional cutting team implements markers to the specification and tolerance to obtain Optimal yields.


We are using about 150 high speed Japanese and Taiwan machines with advanced management systems and more than 150 man power, we are capable of 150,000 per month production with basic and fashion garments. Constant monitoring on each stitching detail ensures consistent and high quality stitching.


The packing area is fully equipped for meeting every product's unique labeling and tagging requirements. Strict controls throughout the process assure the systematic on time delivery of high quality products.

Garments Finishing

The Finishing and Checking area is distinctly separate from all garment production and strictly monitored for quality assurance criteria

Our Clients

We are targeting the U.S. and European market. 95% of our products will be sold overseas with the remainder being sold in the local market.

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